A course about giving you that glow from the inside out!

Join me for an in-depth exploration in to skincare and nutrition both topically and internally.

The course will be held on zoom and is divided in to two parts:

The first part:

Thursday the 24th of June 1830-2030 cest

Nutrition, plants and herbs that gives you that healthy glow from the inside. This part includes teachings about how to create a healthy environment in the body that makes you thrive, all about hormones and hormone balance, what plants give you the nutrients and phytochemicals your skin needs to be at its best, recipes, detox recommendations and much more.

The second part:

Thursday the 1st of July 1830-2030 cest

How to topically nurture, protect and preserve your skins quality to the fullest. This part includes teaching about what key elements enhances your skins quality, elasticity, evens the skin tone, gives you an even glow and tan, recipes and recommendations of skincare ingredients, components and products and more.

Price per module:

Norwegian kr: 395

USD: 48

Total price for the whole course and both modules:

Norwegian kr: 790:-

USD: 96

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